STERLING INFINITY - VEVO: #XWeveLanded - Soul Raptured (Music Video)

Sterling Infinity is an exciting fresh talent that fuses amazingly dynamic vocals with modern 1980's rock & pop. All of the musical elements carve out an original genre that is all his own. Like his unforgettable music videos, Sterling Infinity makes a strong statement.

The world recently met Sterling Infinity with the addictive first single and successful music video #Hypnotized - SexDrone. Now he is back with another up-beat dance-rock video called #X-We’ve Landed - Soul Raptured. A track pulled from his digital album fittingly entitled "Sterling Infinity".

The new video opens slowly with an alien-like voice announcing his arrival: “we’ve landed.“ Suddenly, the video bursts into a slick, dance rock sound highlighting Sterling Infinity′s impressive vocal technique as it melodically pierces through with amazing and pulsating visuals. You can clearly see someone who knows exactly what they want, both sexually and emotionally. His lyrics are fresh, bold and unapologetic. He let's loose as he recites a crazy love story during a visually explosive ride through space and his mind. "The tension in my life was high during the making of #XWeveLanded video, every detail came from my imagination." By creating without limits, the visuals match the energy behind the track. #XWeveLanded has bold and vibrant colors, they feel unrestricted and outside-the-box, a quality that makes his music unique.