Sterling Infinity


Introducing Sterling Infinity, a truly unique artist and someone likely to surprise almost any listener.  His music combines electronic soul and synth rock in a way that’s reminiscent of the greatest performers. The charismatic singer has garnered comparisons to everyone from Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Steven Tyler, Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, to the glittery star-blazer himself David Bowie. Sterling Infinity is set to announce himself to the music world through his newest album, Sterling Infinity (Deluxe), to be released on July 20th.

This particular album brings together songs off his EP, The Infinite One Has Landed, and his first album, self-titled Sterling Infinity. The album blasts a strong electronic dance vibe that is very different to the music that Sterling had been most accustomed to. Sterling Infinity began in gospel music, learning all he could, and he interjects elements of gospel into his new music: "Gospel taught me that you better sing from the bottom of your feet to the top of your soul. Everything has to come from a place of strong conviction, right? Its got to be real, you can't fake gospel music."


About Sterling Infinity

Sterling Infinity - Stardust

Raised in Alton, Illinois, Sterling began his musical journey through gospel music. Soon he was singing not only at church venues, but also at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Avery Fisher, and the Jacob Javits Center. It was during this time performing that his songwriting abilities and extraordinary vocal range won the attention of gospel critics and the adulation of audiences. Back then he was as well known for his voice as he was for his flamboyant stage persona.  

In the middle of his budding gospel career, Sterling took the journey to NYC to pursue music and modeling. While still performing with a gospel group he was discovered by a vocalist who introduced him to Prince's "Purple Rain". It was in that moment that Sterling began exploring rock music - reinventing his musical identity and songwriting.


Sterling Infinity Deluxe


Track listing:

1. Sterling Infinity (Calling)
2. Put Me In Your Mouth
3. Wolf Sex
4. #Hypnotized - #SexDrone Remix
5. You've Changed
6. Say Hey 2 U
7. #XWeveLanded - Soul Raptured Remix
8. The Infinite One -I- Sterling Infinity
9. #Hypnotized (Pyramid Black Club Remix)
10. #Hypnotized (Baby Girl)
11. #Hypnotized - #SexDrone Remix (Radio Version)
12. Xstacy We've Landed


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