Sterling Infinity is an exciting fresh talent that fuses a dynamic vocal prowess with original rock, pop, soul and electronic based musical elements.

As was the case with many of the great singers before him, Sterling began in gospel music, where his songwriting abilities and extraordinary vocal range won the attention of other gospel stars and the adulation of audiences. Soon he was singing not only at church venues, but also at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Avery Fisher, and the Jacob Javits Center.

Pop music always had equal influence on Sterling, and his charisma and energy as a performer made for an easy transition into an independent music career. Serendipity soon paired him with a manager and Sterling Infinity was born.

Intermingling elements from a range of genres, Infinity incorporates the deep, muted low end of the best house music, the passion and cadence of R&B, and the hook-heavy stylings that define pop music. It’s a blend that is tied together seamlessly by the singer’s voice. With an effortless range, lithe strength and rich vibrato, Sterling Infinity’s dramatic vocal talents make him a huge stand-out amongst emerging artists.